Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Parchment Paper Asparagus & a Giveaway!!!

Happy week after Thanksgiving! I decided to take a few days off blogging to enjoy family and the "break" I have from school. I hope you have all done the same and relished the beginning to this wonderful holiday season. I want to start it off right with what else but a great recipe and a giveaway!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Pumpkin Butter

Nothing brings out the pumpkin hoarder in me more than cold weather. With the average temperature hovering around 40 degrees we haven't even begun to see winter but that didn't stop me from stocking my pantry with 5 industrial sized cans of pumpkin. I can't help it, I discovered what Fall was like without pumpkin last year and I'm determined to never have that happen again.
I think my skin has started to take on a semi-permanent fake-tan orange hue due to the copious amounts of pumpkin I have consumed in the past couple of months. So if that makes you jealous, which it totally should, make this and enjoy spreading it on toast, dipping cookies into it, and my favorite, stirring it into oatmeal. 

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Easy Chai Tea Latte & an Award

 The other day I got a most exciting package; a huge envelope full of coupons for local businesses, of which I saved about half. One of the lucky ones was for a free hot beverage from a drive through coffee place near my apartment that I didn't even know existed. After my workout I headed right over to get a Chai. It was incredible. Perfectly spicy, creamy, and reminded me so much of Christmas that it brought tears to my eyes (okay maybe not). Then I noticed the price I would have to pay now that I had used my one and only free drink coupon, that actually did make me cry. I had to start making my own if I wanted to be able to buy groceries next month.
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