Sunday, June 10, 2012

Road Trip Day 18: Drive to Greeley, CO

Sleeping in a tent lends itself very well to getting up early so we started today at 7am, had breakfast at Subway, and hit the road around 8:30am. 

This car ride/drive was the longest one of our trip and probably the least interesting, except for maybe Salt Lake to Reno.

We drove and drove...and drove and finally stopped for lunch in Utah at the Echo Canyon rest area.

Once we were a little closer to home we stopped at the Summit Rest Area
After nearly 11 hours in the car things like this become VERY interesting!

The last dinner of our 18 day vacation was at our favorite local Asian restaurant in Greeley, CO: Ambrosia.

Drunken Noodles

Brad's Sesame Chicken

We finally pulled into our apartment parking lot at 8:30 pm and began the unpacking process… 

I hope to have a trip recap post up soon but right now I am off to summer camp to be a counselor and then to Arizona to find a place to live for my internship!
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