Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Farewell for Now

After three wonderful years of blogging I think it is time to say my farewell to "Cooking In College".

I have enjoyed the blogging world more than I ever would have imagined, but with the impending start of my dietetic internship at the University of Arizona Medical Center I know where my focus will be: studying, reading, and learning so I can take the absolute best care of my patients during my clinical rotation. Then I will move onto food service management where I know I will be busy learning about procurement, production, and pricing in a very large cafeteria-like establishment at the hospital. Community will begin after that and I will gain invaluable experience observing and practicing outpatient nutrition services in a wide variety of settings like an eating disorder clinic, dialysis unit, cancer treatment center, a school district, diabetes clinic for children, and WIC. All of this while getting to explore a brand new city: Tucson, AZ! It is going to be a fantastic year, but also one that will require (and deserves) more than 100% of my time.

I could not be more excited for this new chapter in my life to begin; where I get to spend everyday pursuing my passion of helping people lead healthier lives through nutrition. However, as I have graduated from college it seems only appropriate to also graduate, in a sense, from my blog.

Thank you to all of those who have helped me along the way. I definitely see another blog in my future, as cooking healthy and cost-efficient meals while sharing my knowledge of nutrition will always be a part of my life. So check back in about 1 year, I'll be a Registered Dietitian by then!

My Top 5 Favorite Recipes:

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