Monday, May 24, 2010

Mango Salsa

This refreshing recipe combines the light fruity flavor of mango, spicy jalapeno, creamy avocado pieces, crunchy red pepper, and ties them all together with the bright flavors of lime juice and fresh cilantro. Mangoes are in season (they peak in June) and this recipe just shouts summer. It is wonderful served on top of rice and beans or scooped up with tortilla chips.

I know it seems like a lot of steps but it is really very simple. I detail how cut each ingredient so if you already know how or have your own way go for it and enjoy!

1 medium mango
1 small avocado
1 tbsp lime juice
1/3 c. roughly chopped fresh cilantro
1/4 medium red pepper
1/2 small fresh jalapeno
1/8 tsp salt 

Cut the ends off the mango and stand up on end, use a sharp knife to slice the skin off the mango 

Carefully cut the pieces of edible mango fruit off the tough core (you will be able to tell a difference between the soft fruit and the hard stringy core)

Cut the pieces of mango into small rough squares and put in a bowl

Use your knife to cut all the way around the seed of the avocado lengthwise (from the top to the bottom and back to the top on the other side)

Twist the two halves in opposite directions to separate 

Grab a kitchen towel, fold it and cover the palm of one of your hands, then place the half of the avocado that has the seed in it on top of the towel in your hand (this is a safe guard to make sure you don't cut yourself!)

Gently tap the seed with the blade of your knife so it gets stuck in the seed, twist, lift up, and pull the seed out

Use a dinner knife to cut squares of the fruit while it's still in the skin (be sure not to cut through the skin) then use a spoon to carefully scoop out the pieces into the same bowl as the mango

+Lime Juice
Be sure to do the lime after cutting the avocado to ensure that the avocado doesn't brown by the time you are done making your salsa

Cut a lime in half and squeeze all juice from one half onto avocado and mango in bowl

We have not stirred the salsa yet, this is to keep the avocado pieces from falling apart and getting mushy

Pull the leaves off about 10 stems of cilantro and roll tightly

While holding the leaves in place roughly chop them into small pieces and add to bowl as well

+Red Pepper
Cut the pepper lengthwise in half

Pull the entire seed, white membrane, and stem section off the top of each half

Cut one half in half and slice into strips then into squares, add to bowl

Cut the jalapeno lengthwise in half

Use a spoon to scrape the seeds and white membrane out (be careful not to splash spicy juice in your eyes!)

Cut one half lengthwise into strips and then into squares and add to the bowl

Sprinkle 1/8 tsp salt to start, add more in small amounts after tasting if you would like 
(remember: you can always add but you can't take it out)

Using a rubber spatula gently "toss" the salsa together to combine all the ingredients

Entire recipe has 300 calories

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