Monday, October 17, 2011

Cilantro Coconut Sauce Rice Bowl & a Giveaway!

I was pretty busy this weekend so Sunday was an ideal night for something extremely quick, easy, and flavorful for dinner. I just happened to have the perfect meal for that as I was recently asked by  Lundburg Family Farms and Stonehouse 27 sauces to review some of their products. I more than happily agreed and promptly received my goods in the mail. The first thing I did (besides take a picture of course!) was open the sauce. I immediately knew what I was going to make.

After my first fragrant whiff of this beautifully green sauce my mind wandered to an Indian meal I have had many times, aloo matar gobi (curried cauliflower, peas, and potatoes). Since I was going to serve this over the organic brown rice bowl I received from Lundberg Farms I decided to forgo the potatoes. I was in the mood for something spicy so I also threw in a couple pinches of red pepper flakes which is optional as the sauce packs plenty of flavor on its own. I was actually really surprised by how zesty and fresh this sauce is and the rice was perfectly cooked, fluffy, and nutty. I do have to say that the sauce was not really curry-y (I'm sure that's a word) so my aloo matar gobi remake was not what I have had in the past, it was deliciously different though.

1 1/2 cups frozen cauliflower
 1/3 cup frozen peas (no salt added)
 small pinch red pepper flakes (optional)

Combine everything but the rice in a small sauce pot and heat over medium high heat for 5 minutes until vegetables are thawed and warmed through
Stir occasionally to coat vegetables in sauce

During the last couple minutes of cooking your vegetables prepare the rice according to the package directions (which literally took 90 seconds!)

Spoon rice into a bowl and pour vegetables and sauce on top

Servings 1
Per serving 475 calories

& a
Not only did Lundberg Family Farms and Stonehouse 27 feed yours truly for a night they offered to giveaway a rice bowl and jar of sauce to FIVE of you fantastic people. Here's how to enter the giveaway:

Leave a comment telling me:
1) What ingredients you would add to make your meal from these two products

For extra entries 
(click links for easy "liking")

5) Follow my blog or tell me you are already a follower

6) Tweet, post on Facebook, or blog about this giveaway with a link back here

*Leave me  separate comments telling me you did each of these for your additional entries!*
*Please leave your e-mail address in at least one of your comments*

I will pick and announce the 5 winners on October 24th when this giveaway ends!

Stonehouse 27 has a couple other sauces I really want to try so I will definitely be hitting up my local Sprouts to buy another jar of sauce and some Lundberg rice bowls for super easy and quick lunches and dinners!

The sauces Stonehouse 27 offers are all-natural, gluten-free, vegetarian (most are vegan), and have very little sodium. Lundberg Family Farms' rice bowls are all filled with a large serving of organic brown rice and nothing else. I am definitely a fan!

Click the links below for store locators to find where you can buy them near you, you won't regret it!

*Disclaimer: I received these products for free but all posted opinions are my own*
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