Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Road Trip Day 14: Train from Seattle to Portland

Today was our last day in Seattle. While we got to see everything we had planned, I still feel like we definitely could have spent at least two more days here. This is a place we will definitely be returning.

On the last day in Seattle I woke up early to indulge in something I have been missing dearly since embarking on our journey: running. I definitely don’t feel as if we haven’t exercised with all the walking, biking, and packing/unpacking the car but running is a whole different beast. I ran 3.5 wonderful miles on a dinky treadmill while watching House and I felt great. Then it was onto the main event of the day: breakfast.

We checked out of our hotel and sat down for a breakfast at Portage Bay Café. It may have been the beautiful fruit and whipped cream toppings bar or the fact that I was starving but I had, without a doubt, the best pancake I have ever consumed. I also had an egg with some sriracha on the side so I knew I was getting some form of nutrition in my meal. Brad had his breakfast/brunch standby: French Toast.  All of our meals were huge, savory, sweet, and eaten with smiles on our faces.

Yesterday one of our cab drivers told us about a place called Kerry Park where we were sure to find the best view of the city so we decided to spend our last hours in Seattle walking around a gorgeous multi-million dollar neighborhood and sitting in the park. We took pictures and enjoyed the view before calling a cab to take us to the train station.

Luckily the train trip back to Portland was easy and very restful. Trains may be my new favorite way to travel.

We arrived in Portland just before our dinner reservation at Jake’s and then sat down for a truly magical meal. Our pictures of the rest of the meal seem to be missing but here are the highlights.

Lemon caper pétrole sole 

Mini chocolate truffle cake

The famous chocolate bag

We watched half of the movie Alien and then checked into our super quirky hotel: the Inn at Northrup Station. Pictures truly can't do this hotel justice, if you are ever in Portland please stay here. It is an experience in and of itself.
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