Saturday, June 9, 2012

Road Trip Day 16: Saturday Market in Portland

We got a late start today because some sleeping-in was much needed. Around 10:30 we had breakfast at the fancy Lovejoy Bakers on our way downtown.

Egg sandwich on a multigrain bun

Brad had one of his doughnuts for breakfast so he just had a white mocha 

Our destination for the day was the Portland Saturday Market. This was our 3rd time visiting this eclectic mix of trinkets, artwork, crafts, and food. They sell everything from $3 rings to $500 sculptures and everything in-between.

On our way to the market we witnessed an incredibly long line at the previously visited Voodoo Doughnuts and we were very glad we had gone the day before.

Star lamps

Truffle soap

The Saturday Market was a great success, we saw a lot of neat items, purchased a few gifts, and walked around for about 2 hours. Because we had such a late breakfast we went to a very late lunch at The Oyster Bar. We got to sit in the boat-like section of the restaurant and enjoyed a delicious seafood lunch.

Grilled shrimp, fresh salad, delicious fries

Brad's fried calamari

After lunch I indulged in some fresh cut mango from the market.

We took a scenic route back to our hotel through a couple of parks and downtown Portland.

Even though we slept in we were still tired and spent the rest of the afternoon watching the movies Sunshine and Stuck on You with my brother, his girlfriend, and their cats at his loft . It was a well-deserved break for our feet. We munched on some snacks to hold us over until the main food event of the day: dessert for dinner at Papa Haydn’s on 23rd Street. While delicious, these desserts were incredibly rich and hard to finish but we managed!


Baked Alaska

Chocolate Hazelnut Torte

Georgian Peanut Mousse
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