Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Road Trip Day 5: San Francisco

We started off yesterday by taking the municipal bus to the Land's End trailhead. It was freezing and I was afraid it was going to be a miserable day, but once we began walking I warmed up and our activities got off to a great start.

The first stop was Ocean Beach right by Golden Gate Park. Then we entered the park and saw some wildlife and toured the gorgeous botanic gardens.

At this point in the day I estimate we had walked about 7-8 miles and we were exhausted. Caffeine and a nice place to rest our feet were necessary so we stopped in Cafe Du Soleil for iced coffee and a cafe mocha.

Next up were the famous Haight/Ashbury and Castro districts. Haight was chock full of unique vintage stores and the Castro district was a great departure from anyplace Brad and I have ever been. The gay pride, adorable boutiques, and friendly people were our favorite part of the day.

Dinner was decided upon at the request of Brad for one of his favorite dishes: Pad See Ewe.
I love Thai food and happily obliged. We found a place called Lemongrass and were pleasantly surprised by this tiny, quiet, and fragrant authentic restaurant.

Asparagus, prawns, and scallops with brown rice for me

Pad See Ewe for Brad

I think we must have walked about 10-12 miles and were gone for almost 12 hours yesterday. However, we are still going strong and explored the Soma and Chinatown Districts today!

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