Sunday, May 13, 2012

Road Trip Day 2: Drive to Reno

520 miles and what seemed like the never ending drive later, we were in Reno. Our hopes weren't too high after such a wonderful time in SLC, but we laughed a lot and had a good experience.

Our dinner was tasty and was probably the saving grace of our time in Nevada. 

I had cajun seasoned salmon tacos with a mango-jicama salsa, chipotle black beans, and rice pilaf. Sweet, crunchy, smoky and fresh.

Brad is a wing man and said these lived up to his high expectations.

Our dinner experience at Great Basin Brewery was good, the waitresses were very nice and we would return just for these garlic fries.

Brad and I had never gambled before and after a mere $20 spent on slots later we discovered we are not a gambling-loving couple. Between the smoking, drunkards, and bums I felt like I needed a very hot shower after visiting some downtown casinos. Not to offend anyone who is a fan of that scene, it just wasn't our favorite.
Brad won a couple bucks!

Final impression of Reno: a once in a lifetime opportunity that we are glad we didn't miss, but we will not be returning anytime soon.

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