Monday, May 14, 2012

Road Trip Day 3: Drive to San Francisco

After our drive yesterday the short 225 miles to San Francisco was more than welcomed.

We encountered some traffic on the Bay Bridge into the city but after that it was pretty easy to get to our quaint  hotel. Despite our fatigue from the drive we put on our walking shoes and headed out to explore the city. I was surprised by its cleanliness, Brad was impressed with the architecture and height of the buildings. Even though we only spent a couple of hours walking around we saw quite a bit of this intriguing town and enjoyed our first bayside seafood dinner.

The famous crooked Lombard Street. The walk up to the top took a toll on my leg muscles, I am sore!

Alcatraz in the distance

Our fantastic dinner at Pompei's Grotto
Creamy, briny, chowder

My sautéed shrimp and mushrooms with a very fresh side of zucchini and pasta 

Brad's sole in a perfectly piquant lemon garlic butter sauce

On our way back to the hotel

Today we are going down to Pier 39 at sunrise to hopefully see some sea lions, eating breakfast at a highly recommended cafe, renting bikes to ride across the Golden Gate Bridge, and lots...lots more! 

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