Monday, May 21, 2012

Road Trip Day 7: Drive to Gold Bluffs Beach

I never imagined this drive of a mere 320 miles would take us 13 hours. But that is exactly how long it took us to drive from San Francisco to Orick/Redwoods National Park.

Our day started with our last view of the Golden Gate Bridge, which was of course, breathtaking. Then we headed out to begin the journey. I knew this scenic drive would be curvy and slow going but I had no idea we would average 25 MPH for most of it. At first it was fine but after we had only gone about 150 miles in 6 hours we were both at our wit’s end. In fact, I had to do something I never do. We pulled off at a gas station and napped for an hour. This recharged us for the second leg of our trip and we finally reached our most exciting destination: Chandelier Tree!

Yes, we drove through this 2500 year old Redwood and it was incredible. Totally worth the drive! Actually, the coastal views along Highway 1 were truly worth it…

Along the way we witnessed some of the largest trees Brad and I have ever seen, the Redwoods are an enchanted place and something that will not soon be forgotten. We were lucky enough to drive through The Avenue of Giants and see some of the largest trees before it got dark.

Then at around 9pm we rolled into Eureka, CA and found this dive of a pizza place called Big Louie’s Pizzeria. The servers were more than helpful in directing us towards our campground and served us piping hot, delicious, and cheesy pizza.

 I had mushrooms, jalapeno, and garlic. Brad had his standby: pepperoni and cheese. 

After driving another hour we entered a rather creepy dark forest, paid for a camp site and set up our tent in the middle of the night. The journey was well worth both the views on the way and the final destination today.
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