Saturday, May 12, 2012

Road Trip Day 1: Drive to Salt Lake City

Yesterday we drove 503 miles from Greeley, CO to Salt Lake City, UT. Our hotel was located in West Valley and, despite its niceness, we were skeptical about Salt Lake in general, it seemed crowded and very industrial. Our concerns about the town were quickly quieted when we drove into downtown. The mountains frame the entire city creating gorgeous views almost everywhere you look. 

We of course visited the Mormon Temple, which was stunning. We saw three newly wed couples having pictures taken there, considering how beautiful the grounds are this didn’t surprise us.  

After exploring downtown we trekked across the highway to an unassuming Mexican restaurant called the Red Iguana.  As you can see from the outside it is not a restaurant we probably would have gone into but it came highly recommended by some locals. The crowd outside was a good indicator of the quality. We enjoyed an incredible bowl of salsa, wonderful enchiladas, and creamy guacamole here. The service was very friendly and quick. We ended our delicious meal with, without a doubt, the best flan either of us has ever eaten.

We were incredibly full after our meal so we wandered back into the downtown area and found a huge two-story Forever 21 and Utah’s version of Whole Foods: Harmon’s. We had a lot of fun looking at all the exotic and fancy foods but managed to make it out of there without a purchase. I did, however, see this Dietitian’s office, which was very exciting. Not a lot of people know what a dietitian is let alone have access to one in their grocery store so I was very pleased to see Utah making a step in the right direction. Maybe I’ll get a job there some day! 

On our way back to my car we heard music playing across the street and decided to see what it was. We happened upon a free concert in the park and sat for a while listening to some very talented young kids play Jazz. It was a perfect ending to a very long day.

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